127A-107. Rate of pay for other service.

The Governor may, whenever the public service requires it, order upon special or regular duty any officer or enlisted member of the North Carolina National Guard or naval militia, and the expenses and compensation therefor of the officer or enlisted member shall be paid out of the appropriations made to the Department of Public Safety. The officers or enlisted members shall receive the same rate of pay as officers and enlisted members of the same grade and like service of the Armed Forces of the United States, provided that no such officer or enlisted member shall receive less than 18 times the minimum hourly wage per day as provided for in G.S. 95-25.3(a). Officers and enlisted members when on duty in connection with examining boards, efficiency boards, advisory boards, courts of inquiry or similar duty shall be allowed per diem and subsistence prescribed for lawful State boards and commissions generally for such duty. Officers and enlisted members serving on general or special courts-martial shall receive the base pay of their rank. No staff officer or enlisted member who receives a salary from the State as such shall be entitled to any additional compensation other than actual and necessary expenses incurred while traveling upon orders issued by the proper authority. (1917, c. 200, s. 51; C.S., s. 6865; 1935, c. 451; 1949, c. 1130, s. 4; 1959, c. 218, s. 18; 1963, c. 1019, s. 1; 1969, c. 986; 1971, c. 204; 1973, c. 620, s. 9; 1975, c. 604, s. 2; 1977, c. 70, s. 2; 1997-153, s. 3; 1997-443, s. 7.12(c); 2009-281, s. 1; 2011-145, s. 19.1(g); 2011-195, s. 1(a).)