125-11.9. Powers and duties of the State Library.

The State Library:

(1) Shall carry out the provisions of this Article.

(2) Develop and maintain standards for depository libraries. The standards shall include the ability to receive, process, organize, retain, and make available State publications and the ability to provide reference assistance and interlibrary loan service for depository publications.

(3) Shall designate depository libraries, taking into account regional distribution and number of persons served, such that State publications will be conveniently accessible to residents in all areas of the State. The State Library may designate at least one library in each congressional district.

(4) May designate as selective depository libraries those institutions that wish to receive less than the full deposit. Selective depository libraries shall meet the same standards for reference and interlibrary loan service as full depository libraries.

(5) May enter into depository contracts with public libraries and community, technical, special, college and university libraries that meet the standards for depository eligibility adopted by the Clearinghouse.

(6) Shall determine how many copies of State publications each State agency must submit for the State depository system. The State Library may permit a State agency to submit fewer copies of a document if the State Library determines that fewer copies are adequate in light of the cost of the document and the projected public interest in the document.

(7) Shall adopt rules to administer the depository program. These rules may include the State Library's priorities and resulting schedules for collecting, maintaining, and making available State publications in various formats. (1987, c. 771, s. 2; 1991, c. 636, s. 14.)