125-11.8. State Publications Clearinghouse created.

(a) A State Publications Clearinghouse is created within the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, the Division of State Library.

(b) The Clearinghouse shall:

(1) Advise State agencies annually of the number of copies of State publications needed for distribution.

(2) Advise State agencies annually that they are required to submit only five copies of any State publication offered for sale at a price at least high enough to recover production costs.

(3) Receive from State agencies promptly after publication the number of copies of State publications specified, and distribute these to the depository libraries.

(4) Prepare on microfiche one or more copies of each State publication that is printed on paper for reference and interlibrary loan purposes.

(5) Publish a checklist of State publications and distribute the checklist without charge to all requesting North Carolina libraries.

(6) Forward two copies of all State publications that are printed on paper to the Library of Congress. (1987, c. 771, s. 2; 2015-241, s. 14.30(s).)