§ 122C‑5.  Report on restraint and seclusion.

The Secretary shall report annually on October 1 to the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Health and Human Services on the following for the immediately preceding fiscal year:

(1) The level of compliance of each facility with applicable State and federal laws, rules, and regulations governing the use of restraints and seclusion. The information shall indicate areas of highest and lowest levels of compliance.

(2) The total number of facilities that reported deaths under G.S. 122C‑31, the number of deaths reported by each facility, the number of deaths investigated pursuant to G.S. 122C‑31, and the number found by the investigation to be related to the use of restraint or seclusion. (2000‑129, s. 3(b); 2003‑58, s. 1; 2011‑291, s. 2.40.)