122C-118.2. Establishment of county commissioner advisory board.

(a) There is established a county commissioner advisory board for each catchment area, consisting of one county commissioner from each county in the catchment area, designated by the board of commissioners of each county. The county commissioner advisory board shall meet on a regular basis, and its duties shall include serving as the chief advisory board to the area authority and to the director of the area authority on matters pertaining to the delivery of services for individuals with mental illness, intellectual or other developmental disabilities, and substance abuse disorders in the catchment area. The county commissioner advisory board serves in an advisory capacity only to the area authority, and its duties do not include authority over budgeting, personnel matters, governance, or policymaking of the area authority.

(b) Each board of commissioners within the catchment area shall designate from its members the commissioner to serve on the county commissioner advisory board. Each board of commissioners may determine the manner of designation, the term of service, and the conditions under which its designee will serve on the county commissioner advisory board. (2013-85, s. 8.)