§ 121‑18.  Closing streets and including area in restoration project; acquiring area originally included in Palace grounds.

Whereas the said Tryon's Palace and grounds originally included all of that area in the City of New Bern known and designated as George Street between Pollock and South Front Streets, and the title thereto is in the State of North Carolina, subject to the easement for use of said street, and the use of such portion of said George Street is essential for a proper restoration of Tryon's Palace, when the governing body of the City of New Bern under its general authority imposed by law shall close George Street between Pollock and South Front Streets, or such portion thereof as may be found by the Commission herein authorized to be essential for the purposes of such restoration, the area within such closed street shall be thereafter used exclusively for the restoration of Tryon's Palace. Provided, that the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources is authorized and empowered, in its discretion, to acquire for the use of said Tryon's Palace such part of the area in the City of New Bern originally included in the Palace grounds as may be deemed reasonably necessary for the restoration of said Palace. (1945, c. 791, s. 5; 1949, c. 233, s. 3; 1955, c. 543, s. 8; 1973, c. 476, s. 48; 2015‑241, s. 14.30(s).)