Article 13.

Joint Legislative Commission on Governmental Operations.

§ 120-71.  Legislative findings; creation of Commission.

(a) The General Assembly finds that the scope, cost, and complexity of State and local government operations require continual review and evaluation by those charged with the responsibility for making public policy decisions and deciding on the appropriation of State funds. It is imperative that members of the General Assembly have the resources to determine whether the public service needs of the citizens of this State are being met and have mechanisms to collect evidence as to whether public policy and appropriations have resulted in expected program benefits. Legislative examination and review of public policies and expenditures are an integral part of legislative duties and responsibilities and therefore should be strengthened.

(b) In order to undertake the ongoing examination, evaluation, and investigation of State agencies, public authorities, units of local government, and non-State entities receiving public funds, and of their actual effectiveness in implementing public policy or providing public services, there is hereby established the Joint Legislative Commission on Governmental Operations which shall have the powers and duties as provided in this Article. (1975, c. 490; 2023-134, s. 27.10(b).)