119-55. Power of Board of Agriculture to set minimum standards; regulation by political subdivisions.

The Board shall have the power and authority to set minimum standards and promulgate rules and regulations for the design, construction, location, installation, and operation of equipment and facilities used in handling, storing, measuring, transporting, distributing, and utilizing liquefied petroleum gas.

Any municipality or political subdivision may adopt and enforce a safety code dealing with the handling of liquefied petroleum gas which conforms with the regulations adopted by the Board, and the inspection service rendered by such municipality or political subdivision shall conform to the requirements of the inspection service rendered by the Board in the enforcement of this Article. (1955, c. 487; 1959, c. 796, s. 2; 1961, c. 1072; 1963, c. 671; 1967, c. 1231; 1969, c. 1133; 1975, c. 610, s. 1; 1977, c. 410; 1981, c. 486, s. 1.)