§119-21. On failure to report, Secretary may determine tax.

Whenever any person shall neglect or refuse to make and file any report as required by this Article, or shall file an incorrect or fraudulent report, the Secretary of Revenue shall determine after an investigation the number of gallons of kerosene oil and other motor fuel with respect to which the person has incurred liability under the tax laws of the State of North Carolina, and shall fix the amount of the taxes and penalties payable by the person under  this Article accordingly. In any action or proceeding for the collection of the inspection tax for kerosene oil or motor fuel and/or any penalties or interest imposed in connection therewith, an assessment by the Secretary of Revenue of the amount of tax due, and/or interest and/or penalties due to the State, shall constitute prima facie evidence of the claim of the State; and the burden of proof shall be upon the person to show that the assessment was incorrect and contrary to law; and the Secretary of Revenue may institute action therefor in the Superior Court of Wake County, regardless of the residence of such person or the place where the default occurred. (1933, c. 544, s. 12; 1973, c. 476, s. 193.)