116-41.32. Future Teachers of North Carolina reporting.

The University of North Carolina System Office shall report annually, beginning October 15, 2019, on the following:

(1) Total number and names of local school administrative units with high schools participating in FTNC, total number and names of high schools offering FTNC, partner institution of higher education for each high school, and number of sections of the course being offered at each high school.

(2) Demographic information of students enrolled in FTNC courses.

(3) Percentage of students who, after completing the course, reported the following:

a. The student plans to choose teaching as a profession.

b. The course was very or somewhat effective in helping the student formulate a positive perception of the education profession.

c. The coursework and activities increased the student's knowledge of the teaching profession and other careers in education.

d. The field experience helped the student understand the many factors that contribute to effective teaching.

(4) Percentage of students who completed an FTNC course who received dual credit for successful completion of the course, by institution.

(5) Percentage of students who completed an FTNC course who applied for admission into an educator preparation program, by institution.

(6) Number of teachers provided professional development for FTNC. (2017-57, s. 10.9(a); 2018-12, s. 7.)