116-30.7. Biennial projection of enrollment growth for The University of North Carolina.

By December 15 of each even-numbered year, the System Office of The University of North Carolina shall provide to the Joint Education Legislative Oversight Committee and to the Office of State Budget and Management a projection of the total student enrollment in The University of North Carolina that is anticipated for the next biennium. The enrollment projection shall be divided into the following categories and shall include the projected growth for each year of the biennium in each category at each of the constituent institutions: undergraduate students, graduate students (students earning master's and doctoral degrees), first professional students, and any other categories deemed appropriate by The University of North Carolina System Office. The projection shall also distinguish between on-campus and distance education students. The projections shall be considered by the Director of the Budget when determining the amount the Director proposes to appropriate to The University of North Carolina in the Recommended State Budget submitted pursuant to G.S. 143C-3-5(b). (2008-107, s. 9.15; 2009-451, s. 9.11; 2014-100, s. 6.4(f); 2015-241, s. 11.14; 2018-12, s. 3.)