Part 4. Transforming Principal Preparation Grant Program.

116-209.70. (Repealed effective July 1, 2021) Purpose, definitions, and applicability.

(a) Purpose. - The purpose of this Part is to establish the Transforming Principal Preparation Grant Program as a competitive grant program for eligible entities to elevate educators in North Carolina public schools by transforming the preparation of principals across the State and providing for forgivable scholarship loans to participants of those school leader preparation programs. The Authority shall administer this Program in collaboration with the North Carolina Principal Fellows Commission to provide funds for the preparation and support of highly effective future school principals in North Carolina.

(a1) Administration of Forgivable Scholarship Loans. - Upon the grant recipients' selection of the program participants for the school leader preparation programs, the grantee shall transfer the names of the program participants to the Authority. The Authority shall perform all of the administrative functions necessary to implement the forgivable scholarship loans to the school leader preparation program participants, which functions shall include rule making, disseminating information, acting as a liaison with participating eligible entities, implementing forgivable loan agreements in the form of promissory notes, monitoring loan repayment through service and cash, and performing all other functions necessary for the execution, payment, and enforcement of promissory notes required under this Part.

(b) Definitions. - For the purposes of this Part, the following definitions apply:

(1) Eligible entity. - A for-profit or nonprofit organization or an institution of higher education that has an evidence-based plan for preparing school leaders who implement school leadership practices linked to increased student achievement.

(2) High-need local school administrative unit. - A local school administrative unit with the majority of its schools deemed to be high-need schools as defined in subdivision (3) of this subsection.

(3) High-need school. - A public school, including a charter school, that meets one or more of the following criteria:

a. Is a school identified under Part A of Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, as amended.

b. Is a persistently low-achieving school, as identified by the Department of Public Instruction for purposes of federal accountability.

c. A middle school containing any of grades five through eight that feeds into a high school with less than a sixty percent (60%) four-year cohort graduation rate.

d. A high school with less than a sixty percent (60%) four-year cohort graduation rate.

(4) Principal. - The highest administrative official in a public school building with primary responsibility for the instructional leadership, talent management, and organizational development of the school.

(5) Program. - Transforming Principal Preparation Grant Program established pursuant to this Part.

(5a) Public school. - An elementary or secondary school located in North Carolina that is operated by a local board of education, charter school board of directors, regional school board of directors, chancellor for a University of North Carolina laboratory school, an innovative school operator, or the United States government.

(6) School leader. - An individual employed in a school leadership role, including principal or assistant principal roles.

(7) Student achievement. - At the whole school level, after three years of leading a school, consistent and methodologically sound measures of:

a. Student academic achievement.

b. Aggregated individual student academic growth.

c. Additional outcomes, such as high school graduation rates, the percentage of students taking advanced-level coursework, or the percentage of students who obtain a career-related credential through a national business certification exam.

(c) Applicability of Part. - The provisions of this Part shall only apply to the administration of the Transforming Principal Preparation Grant Program for grant recipients selected for the award of grants prior to January 1, 2019. (2018-5, s. 10A.4(b); 2018-145, s. 2(a); 2019-60, s. 1(a), (e), (i).)