115C-81.5. Standard course of study.

(a) All children can learn. It is the intent of the General Assembly that the mission of the public school community is to challenge with high expectations each child to learn, to achieve, and to fulfill his or her potential. With that mission as its guide, the State Board of Education shall adopt a plan of education and a standard course of study as provided in G.S. 115C-12(9c) for the public schools of the State. It is the intent of the General Assembly that the focus of State educational funding shall be to ensure that each student receives a sound basic education. It is further a goal of the General Assembly to provide supplemental funds to low-wealth counties to allow those counties to enhance the instructional program and student achievement. Instruction shall be offered in the areas of arts, communication skills, physical education and personal health and safety, mathematics, media and computer skills, science, second languages, social studies, and career and technical education. In addition, instruction shall be offered in all of the areas provided in this Part.

(b) The standard course of study shall provide all of the following:

(1) A core curriculum for all students that takes into account the special needs of children.

(2) A set of competencies, by grade level, for each curriculum area.

(3) A list of textbooks for use in providing the curriculum.

(4) Standards for student performance and promotion based on the mastery of competencies, including standards for graduation, that take into account children with disabilities and, in particular, include appropriate modifications.

(5) A program of remedial education.

(6) Required support programs.

(7) A definition of the instructional day.

(8) Class size recommendations and requirements.

(9) Prescribed staffing allotment ratios.

(10) Material and equipment allotment ratios.

(11) Facilities guidelines that reflect educational program appropriateness, long-term cost efficiency, and safety considerations.

(12) Any other information the Board considers appropriate and necessary. (2017-126, s. 5.)