115C-427. Preparation and submission of budget and budget message.

(a) Before the close of each fiscal year, the superintendent shall prepare a budget for the ensuing year for consideration by the board of education. The budget shall comply in all respects with the limitations imposed by G.S. 115C-432.

(b) The budget, together with a budget message, shall be submitted to the board of education not later than May 1. The budget and budget message should, but need not, be submitted at a formal meeting of the board. The budget message should contain a concise explanation of the educational goals fixed by the budget for the budget year, should set forth the reasons for stated changes from the previous year in program goals, programs, and appropriation levels, and should explain any major changes in educational or fiscal policy. (1975, c. 437, s. 1; 1981, c. 423, s. 1.)