115C-269.40. Risk factors for educator preparation programs; risk-assessment model.

(a) Risk Factor Rules. - The State Board shall adopt rules establishing risk factors for assessment of the overall risk level of each EPP. The set of risk factors shall include the following:

(1) A history of the EPP's compliance with State law and rules, with consideration given to the following:

a. The seriousness of any violation of a law or rule.

b. Whether the violation resulted in an action being taken against the EPP.

c. Whether the violation was promptly remedied by the EPP.

d. The number of alleged violations.

e. Any other matter considered to be appropriate in evaluating the EPP's compliance history.

(2) Whether the program meets the accountability performance standards under G.S. 115C-269.35.

(b) CAEP Accreditation. - The rules for risk factors developed by the State Board may include whether an EPP is accredited by CAEP.

(c) Use of Risk Factors. - The State Board shall use the rules for risk factors when conducting monitoring, inspections, and compliance audits of EPPs, including evaluations associated with renewals of approval under G.S. 115C-269.10. (2017-189, s. 2(i).)