Part 3. Eye Safety Devices Required.

§ 115C-166.  Eye protection devices required in certain courses.

The governing board or authority of any public or private school or educational institution within the State, wherein shops or laboratories are conducted providing instructional or experimental programs, shall provide for and require that every student and teacher wear industrial-quality eye protective devices at all times while participating in a program that involves any of the following:

(1) Hot solids, liquids or molten metals.

(2) Milling, sawing, turning, shaping, cutting, or stamping of any solid materials.

(3) Heat treatment, tempering, or kiln firing of any metal or other materials.

(4) Gas or electric arc welding.

(5) Repair or servicing of any vehicle.

(6) Caustic or explosive chemicals or materials.

These industrial-quality eye protective devices shall be furnished free of charge to the student and teacher. (1969, c. 1050, s. 1; 1981, c. 423, s. 1; 2017-57, s. 7.23H(e).)