115C-165. Advisory committee on production work activities.

The local board of education of each local school administrative unit in which the proposed production work activities are to be undertaken shall appoint appropriate workforce production advisory committees of no less than three persons residing within that administrative unit for each program (or in the case of Trade and Industrial Education, for each specialty) for the purpose of reviewing and making recommendations on such production work activities. Workforce production advisory committees, including agricultural education advisory committees under G.S. 115C-163, may be established as specialized subcommittees of the business advisory councils as provided under Part 4 of this Article. Respective advisory committee members shall be lay persons who are actively involved in the appropriate business or trade. No production work activity shall be undertaken without the involvement of the appropriate advisory committee. (1977, c. 490, s. 4; 1981, c. 423, s. 1; 1983, c. 750, s. 3; 2017-57, s. 7.23H(e).)