115C-112.9. Duties of State agencies.

(a) The State Board, as part of its duty to monitor all local educational agencies to determine compliance with this Article and IDEA as provided in G.S. 115C-107.4, shall ensure that local educational agencies do the following:

(1) Conduct evaluations requested by a child's parent or guardian of suspected children with disabilities, as defined in G.S. 115C-107.3, in a timely manner as required by IDEA.

(2) Provide assessments for continuing eligibility to identified children with disabilities receiving scholarships as provided in Part 1H of this Article at the request of the parent or guardian to ensure compliance with G.S. 115C-112.6(c).

(b) The Authority shall analyze, in conjunction with the Department of Public Instruction, past trends in scholarship data on an annual basis to ensure that the amount of funds transferred each fiscal year by the Authority to the Department for reevaluations by local school administrative units of eligible students under G.S. 115C-112.6(c) are sufficient and based on actual annual cost requirements. (2014-49, s. 7; 2014-101, s. 7.3; 2014-115, s. 68; 2015-241, s. 11.11(b); 2015-248, s. 10(b).)