113A-233. Uses of a grant from the Conservation Grant Fund.

(a) Allowable Uses. - A grant from the Conservation Grant Fund may be used only to pay for one or more of the following costs:

(1) Reimbursement for total or partial transaction costs for a donation of real property or an interest in real property from an individual or corporation satisfying either of the following:

a. Insufficient financial ability to pay all costs or insufficient taxable income to allow these costs to be included in the donated value.

b. Insufficient tax burdens to allow these costs to be offset by charitable deductions.

(2) Management support, including initial baseline inventory and planning.

(3) Monitoring compliance with conservation easements, the related use of riparian buffers, natural areas, and greenways, and the presence of ecological integrity.

(4) Education on conservation, including information materials intended for landowners and education for staff and volunteers.

(5) Stewardship of land.

(6) Transaction costs for recipients, including legal expenses, closing and title costs, and unusual direct costs, such as overnight travel.

(7) Administrative costs for short-term growth or for building capacity.

(b) Prohibition. - The Fund shall not be used to pay the purchase price of real property or an interest in real property. (1997-226, s. 6; 2002-155, s. 3; 2014-3, s. 14.14(e).)