10B-36. Official seal.

(a) A notary shall keep an official seal or stamp that is the exclusive property of the notary. The notary shall keep the seal in a secure location. A notary shall not allow another person to use or possess the seal, and shall not surrender the seal to the notary's employer upon termination of employment.

(b) The seal shall be affixed only after the notarial act is performed. The notary shall place the image or impression of the seal near the notary's signature on every paper record notarized. The seal and the notary's signature shall appear on the same page of a record as the text of the notarial certificate.

(c) A notary shall do the following within 10 days of discovering that the notary's seal has been lost or stolen:

(1) Inform the appropriate law enforcement agency in the case of theft or vandalism.

(2) Notify the appropriate register of deeds and the Secretary in writing and signed in the official name in which he or she was commissioned.

(d) As soon as is reasonably practicable after resignation, revocation, or expiration of a notary commission, or death of the notary, the seal shall be delivered to the Secretary for disposal. (1973, c. 680, s. 1; 1991, c. 683, s. 2; 1998-228, s. 7; 2005-391, s. 4; 2006-59, s. 16.)