10B-117. Notarial components of electronic document.

In performing an electronic notarial act, all of the following components shall be attached to, or logically associated with, the electronic document by the electronic notary, all of which shall be immediately perceptible and reproducible in the electronic record to which the notary's electronic signature is attached:

(1) The notary's name, state, and county of commissioning exactly as stated on the commission issued by the Secretary;

(2) The words "Electronic Notary Public";

(3) The words "State of North Carolina";

(4) The expiration date of the commission;

(5) The notary's electronic signature; and

(6) The completed wording of one of the following notarial certificates:

a. Acknowledgment;

b. Jurat;

c. Verification or proof; or

d. Oath or affirmation. (2005-391, s. 4.)