§ 105A‑6.  Procedure Department to follow in making setoff.

(a) Notice to Department. – A claimant agency seeking to attempt collection of a debt through setoff must notify the Department in writing and supply information necessary to identify the debtor whose refund is sought to be set off. The claimant agency may include with the notification the date, if any, that the debt is expected to expire. The agency must notify the Department in writing when a debt has been paid or is no longer owed the agency.

(b) Setoff by Department. – The Department, upon receipt of notification, must determine each year whether the debtor to the claimant agency is entitled to a refund of at least fifty dollars ($50.00) from the Department. Upon determination by the Department that a debtor specified by a claimant agency qualifies for such a refund, the Department must set off the debt against the refund to which the debtor would otherwise be entitled and must refund any remaining balance to the debtor. The Department must mail the debtor written notice that the setoff has occurred and must credit the net proceeds collected to the claimant agency. If the claimant agency is a State agency, that agency must credit the amount received to a nonreverting trust account and must follow the procedure set in G.S. 105A‑8. (1979, c. 801, s. 94; 1989 (Reg. Sess., 1990), c. 946, s. 2; 1997‑490, s. 1.)