§ 105A‑14.  Accounting to the claimant agency; credit to debtor's obligation.

(a) Simultaneously with the transmittal of the net proceeds collected to a claimant agency, the Department must provide the agency with an accounting of the setoffs for which payment is being made. The accounting must whenever possible include the full names of the debtors, the debtors' social security numbers or federal identification numbers, the gross proceeds collected per setoff, the net proceeds collected per setoff, and the collection assistance fee added to the debt and collected per setoff.

(b) Upon receipt by a claimant agency of net proceeds collected on the claimant agency's behalf by the Department, a final determination of the claim if it is a State agency claim, and an accounting of the proceeds as specified under this section, the claimant agency must credit the debtor's obligation with the net proceeds collected. (1979, c. 801, s. 94; 1997‑490, s. 1; 2010‑31, s. 31.8(f).)