§ 105-129.86.  (See notes) Substantiation.

(a) Records. - To claim a credit allowed by this Article, the taxpayer shall provide any information required by the Secretary of Revenue. Every taxpayer claiming a credit under this Article shall maintain and make available for inspection by the Secretary of Revenue any records the Secretary considers necessary to determine and verify the amount of the credit to which the taxpayer is entitled. The burden of proving eligibility for the credit and the amount of the credit shall rest upon the taxpayer, and no credit shall be allowed to a taxpayer that fails to maintain adequate records or to make them available for inspection.

(b) Documentation. - Each taxpayer shall provide with the tax return qualifying information for each credit claimed under this Article. The qualifying information shall be in the form prescribed by the Secretary and shall be signed and affirmed by the individual who signs the taxpayer's tax return. The information required by this subsection is information demonstrating that the taxpayer has met the conditions for qualifying for a credit and any carryforwards and includes the following:

(1) The physical location of the jobs and investment with respect to which the credit is claimed, including the street address and the development tier designation of the establishment.

(2) The type of business with respect to which the credit is claimed and the average weekly wage at the establishment with respect to which the credit is claimed.

(3) Any other qualifying information related to a specific credit allowed under this Article. (2006-252, s. 1.1.)