Article 3.

Commission Funds.

76A-24. Expenses of the Commission.

The pilots association shall pay to the Commission according to rules prescribed by the Commission a percentage of pilotage fees not to exceed two percent (2%) per annum for the purpose of providing funds to defray the necessary expense of the Commission. The appropriate percentage shall be set on an annual basis by the Commission. The fees paid shall be deposited to a special account with the State Treasurer in the name of the Commission and shall be administered by the Secretary of Commerce. Surpluses in the account in excess of three thousand dollars ($3,000) at the end of the fiscal year shall be returned to the pilot association on a prorated basis determined and distributed by the Commission. The Commission, in carrying out its duties, may incur necessary legal and auditing expenses and expenses for its travel and investigation which in addition to the one hundred dollars ($100.00) per meeting fee and other allowances provided by law shall be paid from the foregoing funds. (1981, c. 910, s. 1; 1983 (Reg. Sess., 1984), c. 1081, s. 4.)


76A-25. Widows and Orphans Fund.

The Widows and Orphans Fund established by Chapter 76, Section 7 of the General Statutes shall be dissolved at the earliest possible date under a method to be determined by the Commission. The method of dissolution should be equitable to all current recipients of benefits from the fund and should attempt to make reasonable provision for their future needs in lieu of on-going payments from the fund. Should the Commission determine that the assets of the fund are in excess of those needed to provide for the recipients, it may determine that a portion of the fund may be retained by the Commission and deposited in its operating fund. In such an event the requirement for payment referred to in G.S. 76A-24 shall be suspended until the balance of the operating fund is reduced to three thousand dollars ($3,000) as prescribed in G.S. 76A-24. (1981, c. 910, s. 1.)


76A-26 through 76-30. Reserved for future codification purposes.