Article 14N.

Foreign Credit Unions.

§ 54-109.106.  Foreign Credit Unions.

(a) A credit union organized under the laws of another state or territory of the United States may conduct business as a credit union in this State with the approval of the Administrator, provided credit unions incorporated under Articles 14A through 14M of this Chapter are allowed to do business in the other state under conditions similar to these provisions.  Before granting the approval, the Administrator must find that the foreign credit union:

(1) Is a credit union organized under laws similar to Articles 14A through 14M of this Chapter;

(2) Is financially solvent;

(3) Has account insurance through the federal government or any agency thereof;

(4) Is examined and supervised by a regulatory agency of the state in which it is organized;

(5) Will serve a field of membership not being served in this State or to adequately serve its members in this State;

(6) Operation by the credit union will not have adverse impact on the financial, economic or other interests of residents of this State.

(b) No foreign credit union may conduct business in this State unless it:

(1) Makes loans at such terms allowed under the provisions of Article 14G of this Chapter;

(2) Complies with the rules and regulations applicable to credit unions incorporated under Articles 14A through 14M of this Chapter;

(3) Agrees to furnish the Administrator a copy of the report of examination of its regulatory agency and such other documents or reports as may be requested or to submit to an examination as the Administrator deems necessary;

(4) Designates and maintains an agent for the service of process in this State.

(c) The Administrator may deny or revoke approval of a credit union to conduct business in this State if the Administrator finds that:

(1) The credit union fails to meet the requirements of subsection (a);

(2) The credit union fails to comply with the laws of this State or lawful rules or orders issued by the Administrator;

(3) The credit union has engaged in a pattern of unsafe or unsound credit union practices. (1991, c. 271.)