Article 14H.

Insurance and Group Purchasing.

§ 54‑109.75.  Insurance for members.

(a) A credit union may purchase or make available insurance for its members in amounts related to their respective ages, shares, deposits or loan balances or to any combination of them.

(b) A credit union may enter into cooperative marketing arrangements to facilitate its members' voluntary purchase of insurance including, but not by way of limitation, life insurance, disability insurance, accident and health insurance, property insurance, liability insurance, and legal expense insurance.

(c) Insurance may be provided through any insurance company or through any subsidiary insurance company owned by the credit union. (1975, c. 538, s. 1; 2011‑221, s. 2.)


§ 54‑109.76.  Liability insurance for officers.

A credit union may purchase and maintain liability insurance on behalf of any person who is or was a director, officer, employee, or agent of the credit union, or who is or was serving at the request of the credit union as a director, officer, employee, or agent of another corporation, partnership, joint venture, trust or other enterprise against any liability asserted against such person and incurred by such person in any such capacity or arising out of such person's status as such, whether or not the credit union would have the power to indemnify such person against such liability. (1975, c. 538, s. 1.)


§ 54‑109.77.  Group purchasing.

A credit union may enter into cooperative marketing arrangements to facilitate its members' voluntary purchase of such goods and services as are in the interest of improving economic and social conditions of the members. (1975, c. 538, s. 1.)


§ 54‑109.78.  Share and deposit insurance.

(a) All credit unions established under this Chapter shall, no later than July 1, 1976, apply for insurance of member share and deposit accounts from any mutual deposit guaranty association which qualifies under Article 7A of Chapter 54 of the General Statutes (Mutual Deposit Guaranty Associations), or from the National Credit Union Administration under the Federal Credit Union Act. All such credit unions shall, on or before January 1, 1977, obtain and thereafter maintain the above‑mentioned insurance. A credit union which is unable to obtain a commitment for insurance of the share and deposit accounts within the time limit specified above shall be dissolved by action of the Administrator of Credit Unions or permitted to merge with another credit union. Provided, the Administrator may grant additional time to obtain the insurance commitment, upon satisfactory evidence that the credit union has made or is making a substantial effort to achieve the conditions precedent to issuance of  the commitment. Granting of additional time or times to obtain the insurance commitment shall not extend later than January 1, 1978.

(b) All credit unions chartered under Articles 14A to 14L of this Chapter after ratification shall apply for and obtain insurance as a condition to granting the charter. (1975, c. 538, s. 1.)


§§ 54‑109.79 through 54‑109.81.  Reserved for future codification purposes.