Article 4.

Depository for Wills.

§ 31-11.  Depositories in offices of clerks of superior court where living persons may file wills.

The clerk of the superior court in each county of North Carolina shall be required to keep a receptacle or depository in which any person who desires to do so may file that person's will for safekeeping; and the clerk shall, upon written request of the testator, or the duly authorized agent or attorney for the testator, permit said will or testament to be withdrawn from said depository or receptacle at any time prior to the death of the testator: Provided, that the contents of said will shall not be made public or open to the inspection of anyone other than the testator or the testator's duly authorized agent until such time as the said will shall be offered for probate. (1937, c. 435, s. 1; 1971, c. 528, s. 28; 2011-344, s. 8.)


§§ 31-11.1 through 31-11.5.  Reserved for future codification purposes.