Article 5.

Lottery Game Retailers.

18C-140. Contracting with lottery game retailers.

The Commission may contract with lottery game retailers to sell tickets or shares for lottery games upon such terms and conditions as it considers appropriate. The contract entered into between the Commission and the lottery game retailer shall be considered a permit for purposes of Chapter 18B of the General Statutes. No contract to act as a lottery game retailer is assignable or transferable. All contracts with lottery game retailers shall provide that the Director may terminate the contract if the lottery game retailer violates a provision of this Chapter. (2005-344, s. 1; 2005-276, s. 31.1(l).)


18C-141. Selection of lottery game retailers.

(a) The Director shall recommend to the Commission those persons with whom to contract as lottery game retailers. To the extent practicable, the Director shall meet the minority participation goals under Article 8 of Chapter 143 of the General Statutes.

(b) The Director may not recommend contracting with any of the following:

(1) A natural person under 21 years of age. This minimum age shall not prohibit employees of a lottery game retailer who are under 21 years of age from selling lottery tickets or shares during their employment.

(2) A person who would be engaged exclusively in the business of selling lottery tickets or shares or operating electronic computer terminals or other devices solely for entertainment.

(3) A person who is not current in filing all applicable tax returns to the State and in payment of all taxes, interest, and penalties owed to the State, excluding items under formal appeal under applicable statutes. Upon request of the Director, the Department of Revenue shall provide this information about a specific person to the Commission.

(4) A person who resides in the same household as a member of the Commission, the Director, or any other employee of the Commission.

(c) Upon approval of the Commission, the Director shall enter into a contract with the person to sell tickets or shares upon such terms and conditions as the Commission directs. (2005-344, s. 1; 2005-276, s. 31.1(m).)


18C-142. Compensation for lottery game retailers.

The amount of compensation paid to lottery game retailers for their sales of lottery tickets or shares shall be seven percent (7%) of the face value of the tickets or shares sold for each lottery game. The Commission shall require submission of reports and remission of lottery revenues to the Commission on a timely basis. (2005-344, s. 1; 2005-276, s. 31.1(n); 2009-357, s. 11.)


18C-143. Responsibilities of lottery game retailers.

(a) A lottery game retailer shall comply with all provisions of this Article and the contract with the Commission.

(b) A lottery game retailer shall sell no lottery tickets or shares unless the retailer conspicuously displays a certificate of authority, signed by the Director, to sell lottery tickets or shares. The Commission shall issue a certificate of authority to each lottery game retailer for purposes of display for each retail outlet owned or operated by the lottery game retailer. No certificate is assignable or transferable.

(c) A lottery game retailer shall furnish an appropriate bond or letter of credit, if so requested by the Director. The Commission may authorize the Director to purchase blanket bonds covering the activities of any or all lottery game retailers.

(d) The Commission shall adopt rules to establish procedures governing how the lottery game retailers:

(1) Account for all tickets or shares in their custody, including tickets and shares sold.

(2) Account for the money collected from the sale of tickets and shares.

(3) Remit funds to the Commission, provided that all payments shall be in the form of electronic fund transfers or other recorded financial instruments as authorized by the Commission and approved by the Director.

(e) No lottery retailer or applicant to be a lottery retailer shall pay, give, or make any economic opportunity, gift, loan, gratuity, special discount, favor, hospitality, or service, excluding food and beverages having an aggregate value not exceeding one hundred dollars ($100.00) in any calendar year, to the Director, to any member or employee of the Commission, or to any member of the immediate family residing in the same household as one of these individuals.

(f) All lottery proceeds minus applicable retailer commissions are held in trust by lottery retailers until such time as they are received by the Commission. A lottery retailer shall have a fiduciary duty to preserve and account for lottery proceeds including any unsold tickets. (2005-344, s. 1; 2005-276, s. 31.1(o); 2009-357, s. 13.)


18C-144 through 18C-149: Reserved for future codification purposes.