Article 12.

Protection of Public Health.

156-139. Cleaning and draining of streams, etc., under supervision of governmental agencies.

When the board of commissioners of any county subject to the provisions of this Article shall, by resolution duly adopted, find as facts: (i) that the cleaning out and draining of any portion of any nonnavigable stream, creek or swamp area in such county is necessary and/or desirable to protect and promote the health of the citizens of such county, and (ii) that the agricultural benefits which the lands along such stream or area might receive from such cleaning out and draining would be so negligible as not to justify the levying of any special assessments against such lands on account thereof, it may order, provide for, and accomplish the cleaning out and draining of such portion of such stream, creek or swamp area by, through, and under the supervision and jurisdiction of, the health department, or any sanitary committee, or any drainage commission, or other governmental agency or department of such county. (1943, c. 553, s. 1.)


156-140. Tax levy.

In order to carry out and accomplish the objects and purposes of this Article, the board of commissioners of any such county may annually levy and collect a countywide tax not exceeding two cents (2) upon each one hundred dollars ($100.00) in value of the taxable property in such county. (1943, c. 553, s. 2.)


156-141. Article applicable to certain counties only.

This Article shall apply only to those counties which may have a population in excess of 100,000 persons. (1943, c. 553, s. 3.)