Article 4A.

Bicycle and Bikeway Act of 1974.

§ 136‑71.6.  How Article cited.

This Article may be cited as the North Carolina Bicycle and Bikeway Act of 1974. (1973, c. 1447, s. 1.)


§ 136‑71.7.  Definitions.

As used in this Article, except where the context clearly requires otherwise, the words and expressions defined in this section shall be held to have the meanings here given to them:

(1) Bicycle: A nonmotorized vehicle with two or three wheels tandem, a steering handle, one or two saddle seats, and pedals by which the vehicle is propelled.

(2) Bikeway: A thoroughfare suitable for bicycles, and which may  either exist within the right‑of‑way of other modes of transportation, such as highways, or along a separate and independent corridor.

(3) Department: North Carolina Department of Transportation.

(4) Program: North Carolina Bicycle and Bikeway Program.

(5) Secretary: The Secretary of the North Carolina Department of  Transportation. (1973, c. 1447, s. 2; 1975, c. 716, s. 7; 1977, c. 1021, s. 1.)


§ 136‑71.8.  Findings.

The General Assembly hereby finds that it is in the public interest, health, safety, and welfare for the State to encourage and provide for the efficient and safe use of the bicycle; and that to coordinate plans for bikeways most effectively with those of the State and local governments as they affect roads, streets, schools, parks and other publicly owned lands, abandoned roadbeds and conservation areas, while maximizing the benefits from the use of tax dollars, a single State agency, eligible to receive federal matching funds, should be designated to establish and maintain a statewide bikeways program. The General Assembly also finds that bikeways are a bona fide highway purpose, subject to the same rights and responsibilities, and eligible for the same considerations as other highway purposes and functions. (1973, c. 1447, s. 3; 1977, c. 1021, s. 1.)


§ 136‑71.9.  Program development.

The Department is designated as such State agency, responsible for developing and coordinating the program. (1973, c. 1447, s. 4.)


§ 136‑71.10.  Duties.

The Department will:

(1) Assist and cooperate with local governments and other agencies in the development and construction of local and regional bikeway projects;

(2) Develop and publish policies, procedures, and standards for planning, designing, constructing, maintaining, marking, and operating bikeways in the State; for the registration and security of bicycles; and for the safety of bicyclists, motorists and the public;

(3) Develop bikeway demonstration projects and safety training programs; [and]

(4) Develop and construct a State bikeway system. (1973, c. 1447, s. 5.)


§ 136‑71.11.  Designation of bikeways.

Bikeways may be designated along and upon the public roads. (1973, c. 1447, s. 5.)


§ 136‑71.12.  Funds.

The General Assembly hereby authorizes the Department to include needed funds for the program in its annual budgets for fiscal years after June 30, 1975, subject to the approval of the General Assembly.

The Department is authorized to spend any federal, State, local or private funds available to the Department and designated for the accomplishment of this Article. Cities, towns, and counties may use any funds available. (1973, c. 1447, s. 6; 2003‑256, s. 1.)


§ 136‑71.13: Repealed by Session Laws 2011‑145, s. 28.17(b), effective July 1, 2011, and Session Laws 2011‑266, s. 1.27, effective July 1, 2011.