Article 9.

Privilege of Organized State Militia and Reserve Components of the Armed Forces of the United States.

127A-116. Leaves of absence for State officers and employees.

The Governor or the Governor's designee shall promulgate appropriate policy and regulations relating to leaves of absence for short periods of military training and for State or federal military duty or special emergency management service of all officers and employees of the State and its political subdivisions, including officers and employees of public educational facilities under the sponsorship of the State, without loss of pay, time or efficiency rating. (1917, c. 200, s. 88; C.S., s. 6869; 1937, c. 224, s. 1; 1949, c. 1274; 1975, c. 604, s. 2; 2001-513, s. 23(b).)


127A-117. Contributing members.

Each organization of the North Carolina National Guard and naval militia may, besides its regular and active members, enroll contributing members on payment in advance by each person desiring to become a contributing member of not less than ten dollars ($10.00) per annum, which money shall be paid into the unit fund. Each contributing member shall be entitled to receive from the commanding officer thereof a certificate of membership. (1917, c. 200, s. 90; C.S., s. 6871; 1967, c. 218, s. 3; 1975, c. 604, s. 2; 2009-281, s. 1; 2011-195, s. 1(a).)


127A-118. Organizations may own property; actions.

Organizations of the North Carolina National Guard and naval militia shall have the right to own and keep real and personal property, which shall belong to the organization; and the commanding officer of any organization may recover for its use debts or effects belonging to it, or damages for injury to the property. An action for recovery of debts, effects, or damages must be brought in the name of the commanding officer of the organization before any court of justice within the State having jurisdiction; and no suit or complaint pending in his or her name shall be abated by his or her ceasing to be commanding officer of the organization; but upon motion of the commander succeeding him or her the new commander shall be admitted to prosecute the suit or complaint in like manner and with like effect as if it had been originally commenced by him or her. (1917, c. 200, s. 92; C.S., s. 6872; 1975, c. 604, s. 2; 2009-281, s. 1; 2011-195, s. 1(a).)


127A-119. When families of soldiers, airmen and sailors supported by county.

When any citizen of the State is absent on duty as a member of the North Carolina National Guard, State defense militia or naval militia, and the member's family members are unable to support themselves during the member's absence, the board of commissioners of the member's county, on application, shall make a reasonable allowance towards their maintenance. (1917, c. 200, s. 93; C.S., s. 6873; 1963, c. 1019, s. 2; 1975, c. 604, s. 2; 2009-281, s. 1; 2011-195, s. 1(a).)


127A-120 through 127A-124. Reserved for future codification purposes.