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March 2018
Why Are You Here? A Primer for State Legislators and Citizens

Why Are You Here?  A Primer for State Legislators and Citizens

By Franklin L. Kury

This handbook challenges state legislators and their constituents to critically examine their state legislature and take appropriate action to improve it.  The author describes the work and nature of legislatures and the role of their members as agents of their districts. Acknowledging that many legislatures have fallen in public esteem, Kury provides an analytical discussion for evaluating how any legislature deals with major issues:  private benefits versus public service, compensation, the rise of the full-time legislature, campaign contributions, lobbying, reapportionment of legislative and Congressional districts, scandal and ethical questions.

2018 Bills Eligible List!

Bills Eligible for Consideration During the 2018 Session is now available.  It includes a list of bills that made the April 27, 2017 crossover deadline.  This is the date by which most bills must pass from one chamber to the other chamber to be eligible for consideration for the remainder of the regular session.

Any questions about the List? Please don't hesitate to come by, email or give us a call at 733-9390.  We’re here to help you!

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